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What is Foundation Training? About 8 years ago on a job site in NYC, i fell through a floor. I broke my fall on a 100 yr. old 6X12 solid oak beam. I limped through the rest of the day and figured as long as i can still work and walk, i was fine.  For months after i started getting shooting pains in my hip and all down my leg. Again, as long as i could still work and keep the pace, I'd be good. Its part of the job and all that.

I'd always been a runner and a swimmer but soon i had to cut this out. Too much pain after workouts. Finally, i took  a day off and went to see an Orthopedic to have an MRI and see what i had done. It was getting to the point where the pain was making me angry and depressed.

With that fall, i cracked my hip and was told i would  need surgery. I was also walking differently and straining other parts of my body to compensate. I was taking too much Advil and Aleve along with some other bad habits. I had to do something different. After a second MRI years later they found that basically the crack had fused itself but i had severe arthritis and i would need a hip replacement. The deal with that is, as long as i was going to continue working as a full time carpenter, they recommended I wait till the pain was out of control because I'd wear out the new hip and I'd end up in need of another one and the second one wouldn't be as effective.


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 One day at work i was listening to a podcast about being "pain free". They had this guest named Dr. Goodman and he was talking about these exercises called Foundation Training. I wrote it down and decided id check it out but as i kept listening to this guy there was something really genuine about the way he was talking about it.  He was talking about his own back injuries through athletics and how bad the pain was and how he needed to figure it out. That's what i wanted to do! I wanted to figure it out for myself. There I was in my truck, after work, eating cookies and probably drinking my 4th cup of coffee trying to mask the throbbing pain before I get home and can crack open my first beer, listening to this doctor who is really down to earth and sounds like someone i could have played high school football with and he's saying that i can figure it out too.

Right then and there is when it became a lifestyle for me. I found the 12 minute video on YouTube and did it every day before work. The exercises were tough but I noticed results quickly. I felt the positive impact of Foundation Training so fast that it seems any other tweak or adjustment I make also has a quick, positive result. I became more aware of what I'd put into my body. You can literally do the exercises anywhere so i did them at work too. I have another tool. If the pain gets bad during the day, I know what to do, I know how to make myself better. I'm gonna hold of on a hip replacement.

"Foundation Training is a series of exercises designed to restore natural movement patterns." "Its a course of study." I love that. The body accepts Foundation Training in a really natural way and " it just feels good." It fits into my life in a really natural way and it didn't take long for me to figure that out for myself. Since then I have taken a series of courses in Foundation Training and am now a certified student teacher. If you too would like to learn some of these exercise and be pain free, please email me at to set up an appointment. I look forward to hearing from you.